The Beginning of This Blog

Why do people blog? It’s a question that has had me wondering ever since I heard of the blogosphere. I suppose that as with all things in life, everyone does it for slightly different reasons.

The blogs I follow are mainly written by people who are on paths of self-discovery and experimenting with lifestyle design, and have a wish to help others through publicly sharing the analysis of their experiences. I felt for a long time that unless I had something original to offer, some unique perspective that would set me slightly apart from all the other amazing blogs out there, I had no business starting one of my own. That it would be a waste of perfectly good cyberspace. I also feared that my lack of specific purpose or direction would inevitably lead me to flounder helplessly at some point, making this yet another project that started with bucketloads of enthusiasm but slowly shuffled off and died without me ever really knowing why – one that, like so many others, I would look back at with a little pride perhaps, but mainly with confusion; “Why am I always so directionless? Why can’t I be consistent? What do I actually WANT?”

After many months of questioning, doubting, and generally over-thinking the whole thing however, I have finally reached the conclusion that although I may have nothing new to say, although I have no particular altruistic goal apart from perhaps trying to help people see what is possible beyond the mundane, the conventional, the self-limiting beliefs, and although it terrifies me that I really have no idea what I’m doing, I am going to start one anyway. I’m going to start a blog because something in me is (loudly) telling me that it’s time, and that this is what I need (so much for altruism…).

So (just to be completely clear) at this point I do not know how often I will post, what I will write about, or really why I am doing it at all. Although if I’m honest about that last one I suppose that I am aware of at least some of the motivation behind this desire; to focus on my personal evolution. To encourage my quest of uncompromising honesty. Accountability. Community. And perhaps also to create something lasting within the paradigm of my generation.

In keeping with my Buddhist aspirations therefore, I make no promises and hold no expectations. It will be whatever it will be.