8 Wisdom-Bombs and a Whole Lotta love

Over the weekend I was amazed and filled with gratitude at the support that so many wonderful people gave me after my last post. I felt like I had been wrapped in a soft blanket and carried high above the turmoil of my mind, where a fresh breeze blew and brought with it a sense of peace and trust, and a new vision of how things might be.

It may have made me a little misty-eyed :)

And not only did I feel heard and accepted, but people left loads of little wisdom-bombs in the comments! Such awesome wisdom-bombs in fact, that I felt they deserved to be picked out and lined up in all their glory and shared with the world. Without further ado then, here they are; full credit to the fantastic commenters of “The Naked One”.

  1. Write like you don’t give a shit who reads – wonderful advice that can be applied to all areas of life (dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening, etc) for full, un-selfconscious enjoyment. Anyway, happy people make other people happy (Gretchen Rubin says so, so it must be true), so pursuing your happiness is actually altruistic, kind of
  2. Être (to be) without reason – not in the sanity sense, but in the sense that it’s ok to just be; we don’t always need to know where we’re going, and sometimes those moments of just being are the most perfect, contented and whole
  3. We owe it to life to simply sit the fuck down and taste, smell, and feel it – immersion in the little things, in the amazingness of little things is almost a duty; this world we’re in is like a magical, wonderous playground, and taking the time to really be present and experience it is probably the best thing we can do for ourselves
  4. Practice intentional waiting – sometimes your thoughts need an incubation period before emerging in all their glory, kind of like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly; the intention is set, instructions are given, and then you just need to wait a while for them to be translated into reality, or “manifested” to use the psychobabble term (note to self: this is normal and not a reason to freak out)
  5. Be true to yourself – above all else, hold fast to your truth; it will pull you through all the difficult situations life might throw at you
  6. Approach “purpose-finding” as “problem-finding” – re-frame your purpose-finding question so that instead of asking “what do I want to do”, you ask “how can I help”; sooner or later you’re bound to find a problem that is in alignment with your particular talents
  7. Let go and trust – let go. And trust. Easy-peasy :)
  8. Whatever you do, ask yourself if it will bring you joy – it can be long-term joy like the kind you get when you force yourself to do something difficult (and when it’s over and you think you’re the best thing since sliced bread), but everything you do should bring you something positive

Voila! Pretty extraordinary bunch of comments wouldn’t you say?

MU C H  L O V E to all you commenters out there, you give far more than a few words when you leave a note – thank you :)


2 thoughts on “8 Wisdom-Bombs and a Whole Lotta love

  1. Glad to know it helped. I think I took my own advice some today as well as there are about 4 gigantically tastey-sized burritos in my stomach at the moment.


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