I am So. Damn. Tired of listening to the self-limiting crap that my mind reels off whenever I want to do anything that’s even remotely challenging.  So I get an idea, an inspiration, and I’m awash with excitement; tingles down my spine and ants in my pants, my brain on fire with the boundless possibilities moving this idea forward. That usually doesn’t last very long.

Instead of bounding ahead, forging plans and brainstorming the sh** out of my idea, my brain, sensing change and computing it as danger, begins frantically firing warning signals which freaks out my amygdala, which in turn launches a frontal attack on the idea, destroying sizable portions of self-confidence and joy along the way.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • “I can’t”You CAN. Or at least you probably can, but if you never try, you definitely can’t.
  • “I’m too small make a difference” – Bull****. There are a thousand examples I could list here but you know them as well as I do. You know that whole ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ thing? Actually not a snarky observation but in fact a gentle remonstration for all of us who tend towards impatience and think that we should be able to build Rome in a day. You can accomplish huge, enormous, gigantic things, but you have to begin. And then you have to persevere. With faith.
  • “I don’t really deserve to have money/a loving partner/to live my dream/recognition/(insert anything you want)” – OF COURSE YOU DO!!! Contrary to what many of us seem to believe, life is not ‘supposed’ to be hard. There is enough of everything for everyone. Why should you not have everything you wish for? Life can be light – open yourself up to the endless opportunities for gratitude and joy that drop in front of you every day and be kind to yourself.
  • “I can’t do that because I don’t have the piece of paper giving me permission to do so” – You are what you do, period. External permission from some external ‘authority’ does not change what you are capable of. Be YOU. That’s all the evidence of awesomeness that anyone needs.
  • “That’s already been done/thought/said/written” – maybe – but not the way YOU will do/think/say/write it. For everything you contribute to the world, there are people out there who need to hear it just the way YOU present it. Do not underestimate your uniqueness.

‘What if we just threw all our self-limiting crap out the window? I mean, threw it out, and then slammed the window shut and sealed it with a mixture of superglue and iron determination? What if, the next time you think of something you’d love to do you just said ‘fuck it’ and jumped in? What if, instead of telling yourself to ‘be more realistic’ you just allowed yourself to think your crazy and inspired thoughts, and dream your big crazy dreams? Because (big newsflash coming up here) no one ever accomplished anything extraordinary by listening to the voice that tells you to ‘Be realistic’.

The world needs big dreams. But big dreams don’t mean a thing without action. Remember that deathbed regret is a bitch. That, unless the Buddhists are right (which I like to think they are, but that kind of ruins my argument), you only live once so go live the hell out of your one precious unique important life!


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