Your Body Wants You To Be With It

Recently I attended a talk entitled “Everything is Energy”. The woman who gave the talk has a wonderful deep presence – peace literally radiates out of her – and part of the reason for that is her understanding of energetic responsibility. Our energetic output is the combination of our mental and emotional states at any given time, and we are responsible for it in the same way as we are responsible for the things we say.

As she was talking I happily nodded and smiled from my position in the front row; her line of thinking was absolutely in tune with mine. But then suddenly there was a phrase which zapped me like a lightening bolt through my head and into my core: your body wants you to be with it. 

She was discussing presence, and the fact that if you are fully present you can react to life as it unfolds, whereas if you’re not fully present you often get left with residual feelings and thoughts that linger and fester and interfere with other parts of your life because they weren’t aired at the appropriate moment. In the same way, your body doesn’t benefit to the same extent if you are not fully present in your physical experience.

My relationship with my body has not been easy since adolescence, but over the years the influence of shiatsu, tai chi and yoga mitigated that of the beauty magazines, and in spending time really being in and with my body, we became friends. In contrast all the positive-thinking and body-loving mantras in the world didn’t make a difference; loving and valuing your body is something that must be felt organically, and this does not derive from your head, but from your heart. It is not enough to know it logically; you need to forge the connection between your body and your heart, and the best way to do that is to connect fully with your body by placing your awareness in it as one does with activities such as yoga.

I recently had a client whose head is firmly stuck in a high-speed hamster wheel of incessant thoughts, causing bad sleep, an inability to relax and be present and digestive issues. As well as a killer Bach Essence mix, I encouraged her to try to ‘be in her body’ as much as possible, and to practice mindfulness when she walks, as this is effectively a meditative state that gets you off the hamster wheel and gives your brain a break.

Your body wants you to be with it.

It’s a bizarre-sounding idea…but it resonated so strongly with me that I had to share it. I hope it will mean something to you too :)