Values and Properties for an Emerging Culture

♥ Integration

♥ Faith

♥ Inclusivity

♥ Cohesion

♥ Openness

♥ Realism

♥ Respect

♥ Humility

♥ Equality

♥ Presence

♥ Resolve

♥ Creativity

♥ Sincerity

♥ Sustainability

♥ Balance

♥ Dynamism

♥ Innovation

♥ Empowerment

♥ Synergy

♥ Authenticity

♥ Self-actualisation

♥ Alignment

♥ Connection

♥ Intuition

♥ Peace

♥ Community

♥ Responsibility

♥ Forgiveness

♥ Honesty

♥ Exchange

♥ Kindness

♥ Sharing

♥ Honour

♥ Service

♥ Simplicity

♥ Gratitude

♥ Mindfulness

♥ Love

♥ Imagination

♥ Patience

♥ Resolve

♥ Resilience

♥ Perseverance

♥ Humour

♥ Wildheartedness

♥ Expansive Consciousness


11 thoughts on “Values and Properties for an Emerging Culture

      1. Stephanie,

        Fun to contribute, I really like your site.

        Thanks for following RidicuRyder…… won’t make sense unless read from begining in July – Contraption Attachment Disorder (there is also a Ride Along Readers Guide at post. #30 that jump starts people in). I think you will find it an interesting story …… The motorcycle lingo drops off after the first handful of posts.



      2. Hello Stephanie,

        I have departed from the more Wildhearted RidicuRyder fare and gone a little more Emerging Culture at a personal level for Objectifying Women. Hope you like it.



        1. Dude when I read that I was like WHAT? But then I read the article :) Yes, great ideas and super encouraging to have men like you thinking in those ways and trying to come up with initiatives to bring about change. Thank you for sharing that :)


  1. I’d add consciousness, awareness to that a new emerging culture. We need to be aware of what surround us in order to change it and we need to be aware of who we are for the same reason. We need to know what’s going on because being oblivious to other communities problems just because they don’t affects us directly is just not the way we should do the things anymore…


    1. Absolutely, this awakeness is the key property of the shift. I didn’t add it because I find it an inadequate word, as what we mean is not regular consciousness but hightened-awareness or expansive consciousness…but you’re right it definitely needs to be on the list. On it goes :)


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