To Sleep

 I close my eyes, and the dusky darkness melts my fears away

What gentle friend is this who would so willingly

Take my cares upon himself?

Softly he numbs my mind, and my whirling thoughts fade

And become one with the night

Thoughtless as a creature drugged

Slumber slowly overtakes me

And the silence is like a balm to soothe my troubled mind

Deeper and faster I fall, escaping from the world,

From myself

Oh that I could hide here forever

And never more face the fears that haunt my waking hours

At peace, my breath sighing in the soft bliss of uncaring

I dream of light airy things floating, and I with them

In a land of peace and virtue…

I wake; the reason fled before I can grasp it –

gone is the security of the night

Day once more, and again I have no choice but to endure

To wait til darkness falls

And sleep once more folds me into its protective embrace


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