Life Skills #2: The Anchor Technique

The Anchor Technique is a great little tool for when you’re feeling a bit sad or stressed – all you need to do is find one or more places/people/experiences of being super happy/calm/peaceful/gloriously alive and keep them in mind for wobbly moments.

Super simple but super effective – if you do it right. Doing it right requires that you closely observe all the characteristics of the place/moment/whatever; smell the smell, hear the sounds and most importantly, feel the way you felt then. That feeling is your anchor, the image is just a symbol for it.

In my experience this technique is very helpful with stress and fear, and should be implemented the second you start to feel that tightening knot in your stomach. Dropping into your anchor will ground and center you, leaving you much better equipped to deal with whatever circumstance is producing the unhelpful mental state.

Your mind is your software for life; practice programming it yourself to create a mental climate that serves you.


8 thoughts on “Life Skills #2: The Anchor Technique

  1. I agree, a very good technique to master – I suspect that you will be an anchor for many people in those ‘wobbly moments’, your wisdom is so reassuring and positive x


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