A New Definition of Spirituality

We need a new definition of spirituality.

At this point the term is so loaded with New Age connotations that I personally cringe every time I utter it, despite the fact that I feel myself to be a very spiritually inclined person.

I would therefore like to propose that spirituality is simply the asking of our existential questions and listening to the answers that come to us.


10 thoughts on “A New Definition of Spirituality

  1. For me Spirituality is a bit more tan that. The great poet Rumi wrote in 1360 that it is “the consciousness of union, in which the soul experiences its inherent connection and oneness with everything that is”


    1. Ah interesting! Well now to me that sounds like what I would call awakening or enlightenment – spirituality being the path leading to it..
      It’s just a question of vocabulary I think, at this stage anyone who is discussing these topics has the same (to a large extent anyway) understanding of the nature of spiritual exploration, but we have no globally coherent terminology to share a more precise discussion of it. Work to be done! :)


  2. Stephanie,

    Your broadness has just the right expansive quality for entering our new age.

    I think when we are a little further in something like:

    I am, like everyone, an individual indivisible presentation of that which is whole.

    This answer came to me around twenty five years ago………..it has held up nicely over time.



  3. True, but I think we have to try to some extent because language is so important and words are so powerful…for example I resisted the spiritual impulse in myself for many years because I didn’t like what I considered to be common connotations with that word..


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