The Sunset

I remember the sunset

A picture of indescribable perfection, and tears come to my eyes

To sit once more upon the rocks in the warm velvety darkness of the night

To see the jagged coastline stretch before my eyes like the uncertain lines of a child’s drawing

To have the fiery sky as a blanket above, the comforting rock my bed beneath

The calm sea like a beckoning lover just out of reach, and my dearest friend the evening breeze

Whispering to me of far off secrets and hidden things

I sit in the twilight and am taken out of myself

The gentle lapping of the water erases all thought, and all I know is that I exist

All other concerns vanish in the stillness of the night

And the ever changing colours of the fickle sky are like a play written for beauty

Each scene surpassing the last in magnificence, until finally

The burnt ochres of the evening are defeated and retreat into the night

As the inky blackness takes over


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