Life Skills #3: The Observer Technique

The aim of The Observer Technique is dis-identification from the egoic mind. The biggest problem that most of us face on a daily basis is that we take our thoughts seriously. Not only our thoughts, but also our beliefs, emotions and attitudes. We rarely question them (unless they seem totally outrageous) and yet they determine our behaviour.

The reason that this is a problem is that our egoic mind lies to us. A lot. The cruelest of these lies, which is universal, is that we are isolated individuals, isolated ‘selves’. Another thing it lies to us about on a regular basis is the need to be fearful. Any negative beliefs, emotions, attitudes or thoughts, that arise in our minds are lies, and unhelpful to us. Dis-identifying from the egoic mind is therefore the first step in freedom from suffering.

Start by observing your mental state – what emotions are present, what thoughts are there? Then ask who is the observer my mind?”

This experiential realisation that you are not your mind has far-reaching implications. Give yourself the time to allow this truth to resonate and sink in. The long-term benefits of practicing maintaining the observer state are enormous – we are able to approach life with openness and curiosity as we are unattached to the outcome of events and free from any expectations or need-fulfillment to satisfy the ego.

You are not your mind. You can choose how to use it. You can choose what thoughts to listen to. You can choose who you are.


4 thoughts on “Life Skills #3: The Observer Technique

  1. This is such an important life skill to learn, and one I intend to try more and more. Thanks for explaining it so clearly, it’s always reassuring to watch your videos :-)


  2. Oh My Goooodnesssssss- how did I miss this? How did I miss the launch of AQR videos? Fantastic, meaningful, Stephtastical stuff <3


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