Little rays of sunlight dappling through my heart
Like soft music soothes the crying baby
They melt the darkness in me, and slowly
I’m starting to live again
A small kindness and I’m shaking
The beauty of a shared moment
Envelops me in a warm embrace, and slowly
I can begin to breathe again
The morning mist rises
Jagged mountains beyond the lake
Birds lift me up, crisp air cleanses me, and slowly
I start to smile again
These soft moments of grace
Lend me hope
Mend my torn heart, and slowly
I begin to believe again
Can you see me, Life, picking up the reins again?
This is me being brave
* * * * *

*Written after a violent and prolonged storm swept through my life a couple of years ago. Those little moments of calm that gently extended themselves towards me afterwards were like tiny miracles. The beauty of a storm is in the raging wild power, and in the empty calm it leaves behind.

When we can learn to see the strength and transformative power whilst we are in the eye of the storm, we can let that power flow through us without resisting, allowing it to wash us clean, shake off the old useless leaves and branches, and transform in a dynamic, healthy way.

And when we see the beauty in the quiet calm after the storm has passed, this is the beginning of true healing.


4 thoughts on “Hope

  1. You have so much soul; as a human being first and foremost, and also as a poet.

    What if you kept writing these, and when you got to a certain number (say 365), you published them in some kind of book?


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