Contraction vs Expansion

Where do you contract ? Where do you shrink back ? Where do you make yourself smaller, reject instead of accept, close instead of open?

The points at which we contract are hints, little gems of information that tell us about what we fear, and fear is almost always a signpost telling us the direction we should head in. Even if it’s pain related – unhealed pain is leftover energy from the past, and until we move into it it will reside within us, raw and bleeding occasionally, handicapping us in a myriad of little ways we may never be fully aware of. To heal it we must live it, look deep within it for what we need to learn from it, and give our hearts the time and space needed to ‘digest’ it.

When you contract you reduce the space within yourself where insight and courage can arise, and you let fear take the reins. Contracting often gets you stuck in an unhealthy cycle of emotions which pile up and get more and more complicated as the layers of repression accumulate.

Expansion is the opening up to what is; it requires courage and trust, and it will always give back as much as it takes, and usually more. Expansion is going into the discomfort, letting it in, giving it space, letting it be. It is to be observers of our reactions rather than a reaction ourselves, and in this observation, understand the lesson in the discomfort.

In our expansion we open ourselves to insight, to flow, to new perspectives, possibilities, opportunities. We step out of our comfort zone and sit with our vulnerability. No shell, no padding. Just openness. Being present with whatever is arising in us is incredibly powerful. We don’t need to try to ‘fix’ anything – just be.

Where do you contract? Try to notice when it happens. Then pick out the source of the reaction and immerse yourself in it. You will see that, like everything, the fear of it is worse than the thing itself.

Bottom line: Contraction leads to stagnation; expansion leads to more aliveness.

Notice where you contract and stretch into expansion instead.

Expand your Self and expand your experience of life.


2 thoughts on “Contraction vs Expansion

  1. This reminds me of things I’ve been reading in Brene Brown’s book “The Gifts of Imperfection” and in “the Happiness Trap” about ACT therapy. Great stuff. I’ve been finding the feelings of anxiety in my body and working with expanding around them in that way. It’s incredibly useful. :)


    1. Ooh haven’t read that one yet! That’s very interesting, I think there is a huge amount of potential just in the word – in applying the word to tight spots in our bodies and minds and emotions..
      Not familiar with ACT therapy, going to chek it out now, thank you for mentioning it! :)


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