Just Jump

Two fantastically awesome things have occurred in the last two months. The first is that I began my training to become a Group Work Facilitator with the Academy of Inner Science (AIS) to practice the teachings of the contemporary spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl (and it’s magical!). The second is that I attended the Domino Effect training week in Italy on positive social change, where I presented my first workshop (and I loved it).

I began the training with AIS for my personal practice rather than with the idea of actually founding a group, but after the first module I was so in love with the work that I realised I want a group for myself here in Brussels anyway (stay tuned!). The Domino Effect was oriented towards sharing competencies between agents of change, rigorously defining our new projects with a view to funding applications, and acquiring tools of Non-Formal Education; a training week for leaders and aspiring leaders. And I was there, and delighted to be there – exactly where I was meant to be.

What emerged from this week was the sure knowledge that I want to work with groups, that I feel competent to do so (although I know my learning curve will be very steep), and that I feel particularly called to work with women. Perhaps the biggest lesson I gained from this experience was when it feels right, just jump, and trust that the How will be resolved along the way. I was low on energy before the training course, deeply sad about having just lost one of my darling cats, and not really managing to get much of anything done. Three days before I left I questioned whether the workshop was something I felt I really needed to do and there was a resounding YES, so I sat down, did some research, brainstormed and planned.

And just like that, it was done.

If I had worried about how I was going to come up with it or what I would do in it when I registered for the course and had to commit to either taking the opportunity or not, I wouldn’t have taken it. Instead I chose to listen only to the voice that said “Do it, do it”, and trusted that ideas would come later. This whole leap of faith thing is not entirely new to me, but in the context of facing what used to be pretty much my biggest fear (public speaking) it was quite a leap. One of the (many) fantastic women on the training course noted that usually right after you think YES! I want to do this! your mind goes into overdrive producing a million reasons why you shouldn’t do it – at which point you need to ignore it completely and just jump.

In the week that has passed since the end of the course I’ve allowed this motto of just jumping when it feels juicy and worrying about what Mike Dooley calls the “cursed hows” later to begin to seep into other areas of my life. It’s early days but it feels magic.