Spring – the very word lifts my soul
And lets it play in the soft wind.
Slowly we emerge from our winter daze
And walk out into longer days;
Birdsong, flowers, gentler hours
Where, no longer shivering with cold,
We welcome the new and let go of the old
 * * * * *

It’s finally spring, after an unusually harsh and energy-sapping winter. I feel like a daisy, turning to the sun whenever there is some. The air smells different. The birds twitter excitedly, and the trees are budding. There is a promise in the air, a promise that says the trial is over, and you survived – your reward is coming.

Spring always has the effect of turning me into a complete romantic; everything appears through rosy lenses, the perfection of each fresh new flower delights me, the smell after it has rained a light spring rain intoxicates me, and the world is full of possibility. It’s like I fall in love with life all over again, every year.

This is spring. A time of new beginnings, of renewal, of hope, of letting go the old, and making space for the new. The ritual of spring cleaning is laden with symbolism, and I like to do it not only in my physical environment but for my inside home as well. A few months of the year have already passed; what progress have I made with my aspirations for this year; what’s working and what is not? Are there old stories from the long winter or from last year that are no longer serving me?

Each new season invites us to assume a different perspective; of our lives, and of life. To permit the cycle of life to flow through us as it does through nature. In spring we can look for what is waiting to be born in us, to see if there is an area of our lives that wants to develop, perhaps discover a new sense of purpose or direction. We can remember our youthfulness and reconnect with the lighthearted, the playful in ourselves.

Abundance, a current favourite theme for me, is also associated with spring – hence the whole rabbits and eggs thing – everywhere you look you see little buds, green shoots; so much energy bursting forth, as though the world is shouting I’m alive!. Another quality that surges strongly throughout spring is gratitude; gratitude for the end of winter, for the world that looked dead coming back to life, for the sun’s energy..

I wish you all a beautiful spring ♥


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