The Most Important One Ever

Today it really sank in; after all those long years of searching, of feeling so isolated inside, so alone, I have finally found my tribe.

It feels like a miracle.

With them I don’t need words – not to explain, not to be seen, not to show that I see. I can just be. Me. Accepted, heard, understood, and whole, perfect just as I am. Often they see deeper inside me than I do, and they hold pieces of me out, offering them to me with unconditional love. It is impossible to reject anything which is offered in this way, and so I grow, gently, under their compassionate gaze.

And I too, see them, and marvel at their courage, their insight, their depth, their complexity, the strength of their vulnerability and am so deeply grateful for their existence.

* * * * *

All those years I was searching I didn’t really know what I was searching for. I knew it when I stumbled across it, but found it impossible to pinpoint what ‘it’ was – what did those few extraordinary people have in common? ‘Spiritual’ didn’t cover it, and in fact many people considering themselves spiritual I couldn’t connect to at all; ‘environmentalist’ didn’t seem to be it either, psychologists and philosophers didn’t necessarily capture what I sought either…

Today I realised what that thing is: the understanding that we are all one being, all of life, and the desperate urge to move collective evolution forwards towards a sustainable, compassionate, conscious culture.

It’s this big-picture, future-oriented consciousness, this striving towards awakening not as a selfish goal but in order to play a part in the effort to move humanity towards an awakened, conscious, balanced existence, and into our full potential as a species.

And in finally being able to describe my tribe, I sink deeper into my understanding of myself; my priorities, my role, my reason for being.

It feels like grace

Those of you who resonate with these words, come find me. I’m waiting for you.


14 thoughts on “The Most Important One Ever

  1. Your beautiful words in this blog made may day. They resonated somewhere deep inside me.
    Those people you now and then meet are indeed hard to describe. Each “other” (see my connectivist blog) is unique. They appear unexpectedly in te unlikeliest of place.
    They ‘network’ very well between several tribal clusters, and are accepted and appreciated there, like Gandalf the Gray. And they ‘carry’ you to the next node in your life’s journey.

    Yes they do not hesitate for a second to assist you, share/swap (they learn too) with you their information, knowledge, wisdom, imagination (by looking through each others eyes!) and the friends they trust to do likewise; online or IRL.



  2. That’s wonderfully put and I totally feel the magic of this connection in your words!
    I love that you get it, and the words you use and the way you feel the magic :)
    Thank you for being here ♥


  3. They will find you, Steph. It is absolutely inevitable! May we always work to bring the collective consciousness of society to an incredibly high and empowering level of pure LOVE. <3


  4. “Remain true to yourself, but move ever upward toward greater consciousness and greater love! At the summit you will find yourselves united with all those who, from every direction, have made the same ascent. For everything that rises must converge.“


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