The New “WE”

The New %22WE%22

The day has finally arrived – I am superduperexcited to present to you the first edition of “The New WE”, a workshop offering the chance to practice and experience a new form of spirituality together.

I’ve called it ‘An Evening of Applied Spirituality’ – for me this means living spiritual principles through the way in which we engage with other people. In this space we can be all of who we are, accepted with all our corners and rough edges, and learn to move deeper into our core and deeper into relation with others, whilst practicing core spiritual principles.

To me this aspect of ‘connectedness’ is crucial to living in joy; it is the essential component in transcendent experiences, and the lack of it leads invariably to mental illness. I believe it is something as necessary to humans as food and water, and yet we are only just beginning to develop higher competency in it.

We can feel connected on different levels; on an intrapersonal level with our own lives, on an interpersonal level with the people in our lives, on a collective level with all of humanity, and on a spiritual level with God/Gaia/the Universe. I believe that we need connectedness on each of these levels to be able to live truly joyful and self-actualised lives, and that working on one level leads to shifts in the other levels.

By deepening our understanding of and compassion towards ourselves, we open our hearts more to other people, and to the mystery of life. Our existential questions can be gently explored, rather than leading to stress and the feeling that something is missing…

…We become lighter  
…We gain clarity
…We begin to live in a space of gratitude

And we move into flow..and magic happens. Connection happens. And as we bear witness, a state of deep joy permeates our entire existence.

We are here to learn – about ourselves, about the nature of humanity, about our role in the bigger picture.

And we learn so much faster when we join forces and explore together.

*     *     *     *     *

The Real Reason I’m so excited about this

The Real Reason is that the people who are motivated to do this work are members of my tribe; the tribe I searched for for so long. You might not know it yet, but if you are called to explore this way of being together you are one of my tribe.

And I say, the more the merrier.

If it speaks to you, come and join us…we’d love to have you

(More info on the events page The New WE)

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  1. This is SOO COOL!! And I must say how attractive it is…the use of “intrapersonal” and “interpersonal” with correct connotations. You are amazing.

    Have a Supa Dupa conference, Steph!! :D Can’t wait to hear how it went.


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