Nakedness and The Quiet Revolution

Nakedness. There’s nothing like it for making us feel vulnerable. It’s almost as if with the clothes go the layers of pretense, the masks we wear to face the world, the shell of perceived protection from life and our fellow human beings. There’s no space for BS when we’re naked.

The thing is, we are all naked, all the time. No matter how hard we try to protect ourselves with clothes, makeup, snappy quips and fake smiles, we ‘re still naked. All we really do with all the layers of protection is create distance between ourselves and the world, between ourselves and truth. Sometimes we even start to believe in the layers. Words, behaviour, even thoughts become disconnected from our hearts.

And it hurts.

When we dare to be open and vulnerable, to speak our truth and hear others’,  we are naked. I’m talking about soul nakedness.

Soul Nakedness

You know them, those moments where you’re suddenly laid bare by a look, a question, an insight; when someone sees deep into your soul and speaks its truth; when you take a deep breath and say what your heart is bursting with even though it’s terrifying; when you release something out into the world that you put your heart into and have no idea how it will be received.

Soul nakedness is about daring to be open – deeply, vulnerably open.

When we open ourselves to others in that way it’s like we turn a key in a lock and open a door, not only for ourselves, but for others as well. Our vulnerability gives them permission to open more, to share more, to feel themselves more, to be themselves more.

The magic of it is that in every relationship we have we see ourselves in a new light, from a new perspective. Other people teach us about ourselves, reflect back to us all that we are; the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. And whether or not that meets with acceptance, by speaking our truth and being naked, we empower ourselves.

It’s simple: every time we act in accordance with who we really are, we strengthen ourselves. Every time we act in a way that is not authentic we weaken ourselves.

Should be a simple choice, right?

The Quiet Revolution

The revolution that’s taking place is a revolution of the heart; we are beginning to collectively remember who we really are, to integrate our experiences of body and spirit, to make choices that resonate with our hearts.

Together we learn faster. The world has suffered too long from our belief that we are separate. It’s time for us to come together; really together as one tribe, and for that we need a whole new level of honesty, authenticity and integrity.

By being naked with each other we’re creating a new culture; a culture of trust, openness, honesty, compassion.

Being naked brings us back to our humanity.

Get Naked.

Save the world.


9 thoughts on “Nakedness and The Quiet Revolution

  1. Steph,
    It’s awfully sporting of you to accept my scruffy body……I’ll probably
    have an easier time with your nakedness. This authenticity stuff takes some getting used to. :)


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