Spiritual Imposters, or The Jesus Complex


I’m angry.

Really angry. Angry like I haven’t felt in a very, very long time.

The reason? I am f**king sick of all these guys who go around presenting themselves as f**king überenlightened (sorry, this one is going to be dirty) when they’ve at best started their spiritual journey (note: I’m speaking here about men because that’s my experience – I’m sure it’s possible that there are women like this too..I just haven’t met any of them).

I’m also mad at myself because this is such an old f**king story; of seeing the highest potential in people (especially men) because I’m a ridiculous optimist and because I want to live in a world where people try to live up to their highest potential and because I am LONGING for more men in my life who are deeply spiritual, awake, self-aware and emotionally cleared.

The signs are always there from the beginning. I can’t feel a heart-connection. I don’t get any sense of humility. And the biggest sign of all: no sense of humour. I don’t trust anyone who calls themselves spiritual but doesn’t have a sense of humour. If they haven’t got to that stage of understanding I don’t give a f**k how much ‘Oneness’ they say they’re experiencing, it’s bullshit.

And this is what really gets me – if you’re arrogant you don’t believe you need to grow. Which means that until something happens to burst that pretty bubble of self-delusion, they’re effectively stuck. Also – hello – the first f**king lesson of all spiritual traditions is humility! How is this universally acknowledged foundation of spiritual committment missing in these guys? Is it less sexy than Oneness perhaps??

And the heart-connection; spiritual practice begins with simple things – love thy neighbour. If you manage that, love the rest of the world. If you manage that, get way out there and love the whole freaking Universe and float around in Oneness. But start with your neighbour. If I don’t feel a heart-connection, it’s because his heart is not open. If it’s not open, there’s no neighbour-loving going on. No neighbour-loving = spiritual fail.

There should really be a manual for this shit.

Thinking about all of this I recognised stronger than ever that to me, personal development taken deep enough necessarily gets to a level where it becomes spiritual development. So I guess I make an assumption *warningsignsflashing* that everyone who is interested in deep levels of personal development is on a spiritual path. And maybe that’s not the case. Maybe some guys just want to “Be more awesome” and don’t care that much about actually being better human beings (and we’re back to loving your neighbour).

I really want to tell these guys, don’t dick around with this shit. Don’t take yourselves so f**king seriously. It’s really unattractive. And definitely not a lane on the highway to enlightenment.

In the words of my highly evolved, spiritual, awake, self-aware and emotionally cleared brother, I ain’t got time fo this shit.


12 thoughts on “Spiritual Imposters, or The Jesus Complex

  1. Hey Steph,
    Spirters are basically politicians with a lot of empty promises, except the unspoken one where once they get the position the occupation becomes power.

    Stick with RidicuRyder . . . We don’t take ourselves that seriously!
    p.s. Spirters wasn’t a typo :)


      1. Think there was some confusion here about what’s being taken seriously…I take it seriously when people present themselves as spiritual and turn out not to be very spiritual at all (as you can tell from the above, it really pisses me off;)), and I also really believe in not taking oneself too seriously (Mark’s point).

        Thank you for defending the righteous position though ;)


  2. I love this and I love you. Thank you for sharing this expression. This is a trap of the spiritual community; it’s the myth that you can reach a level of development, call yourself enlightened, and then stop. Arrogance is a natural thing, and it’s a level that we all have to move through at some point or another. It’s just unfortunate when people get stuck there.


    1. Thank you Josh…..yes I suppose many of us do have to move through it…and I fully honour and love the men who are on this path in the first place…but I think this is something that needs some awareness shone on it.
      Love x


    1. Dearest Jaap, there have been many, and this week there was one too many and it was a bit of a ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ situation!
      But as I said (and some people have since confirmed), women are not exempt from this…just seems like perhaps there is less heavy ego as a generalisation coming from women (or actually maybe just shows differently..?).
      And I am always willing and ready to try again, with anyone.
      Thank you for being here :)


  3. While I know the routine you are writing about, it most definitely is both men and woman. I live in a region of British Columbia that has a long heritage of “Hippy” culture. Often is the false flag of an open mind waved. And yeah it is frustrating. But in a contrast of thought, is wording such and aggressive and pride hurt editorial an act of enlightened spirituality? Would Mother Theresa or Gandhi be heard partaking in such a rant? Not to say you cant call a dickhead a dickhead, just a little devils advocacy.


    1. Hey Darian, thanks for your comment – totally hear you on the men and women thing…I think maybe it manifests a little differently and I happen to be allergic to the male variety because I’ve encountered so much of it.

      With regards to my highly enlightened form of expression above, *tongueincheek* I agree that aggression is not very helpful and I highly doubt that Ghandi or Mother Theresa would ever have published a similar blog post. I have arrived at a point however where I would rather be authentically unenlightened than falsely projecting sainthood. While I would love to be enlightened right now, I am not. And I don’t think it serves me or the world if I don’t acknowledge where I’m at, right now. You can’t move forwards if you don’t know where you’re starting from.


  4. Basically.
    A little bit of a rant but I think you are entitled to it. And I certainly know what you are talking about.
    I would guess the difference between men and women in this regard is not so much about ego but about how it expresses itself.
    But let me just say that women calling men out on their shit is vital even if does not always hit the target.
    I love your anger, it’s awesome. Keep it up.


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