Calling The Future

The future is there, waiting.

Waiting for us to see it, to reach out to it and start to slowly pull it into the Now.

Last weekend I was at the yearly reunion of facilitators in the Thomas Hübl field. But this time, the leading facilitators decided to do something different. The invitation came to co-create the field together, to explore the qualities of a WE-space or intersubjective field, and to see what wanted to emerge through that space.

We started by exploring how to build trust in the group field, and quickly discovered that what we were looking for was way beyond trust – what we wanted to find out was how to synchronise the group field to allow collective/Divine* intelligence to come through it.

*The term ‘Divine’ to me refers to the intelligent creative force of the Universe; the energy that creates all there is and drives evolution

We tried different methods of exploration, the co-creative field flowed, and ideas abounded about how to conduct this experiment.

But the process was dominated by ‘I’s.

We were a room full of ‘I’s. There was no surrender to a possible WE. There was no palpable intention to be in service to what might want to come through the field. There was no abandoned devotion to the Divine/God force that all of us in that community say we hold as the highest priority in our lives.

Frustration and Stuckness

We kept falling into the ‘Me’ trap (in the attempt to move into WE-space I definitely see this as a trap) – My story, My feelings, My opinion, My ideas. And while personal development is obviously a pre-requisite in order to be able to offer a clear channel for WE-Space, it is only a stepping stone in the process we were looking to create.

In a room full of ‘I’s there’s no possibility of synchronisation of the group, and hence no space for the evolutionary force to come through the group – because there is no group, only a collection of ‘I’s. It frustrates me because since the advent of personal development, so many people get stuck there as though it were the end goal.

It’s NOT the end goal.

I’m not trying to say I know what the end goal is. But I know it’s not about individual humans. There’s some collective destiny/goal that we will only be able to achieve when we figure out how to synchronise as a collective and allow Divine intelligence to flow through us as a species. Only from that space will we ever truly come to know the meaning of Human Potential.

WTF Is Group Synchronisation?

Group synchronisation goes beyond creating a safe space in order for individual transformation to occur. It is the weaving together of the energy/intelligence of every person in a group, so that it is at the disposal of the transformation of the group field.

It’s when every word uttered by every person feels like Truth. As though the words could have been spoken by you yourself they make such complete sense to you. There’s a buzzing energy in the space, a kind of density that holds everyone in the group in the deepest state of presence.

Awe is present. A kind of expectant wonder. The certain knowledge that something is happening far beyond your cognitive understanding, something powerful. There is utter kinship with everyone in the group. You are aware of yourself but equally aware of everyone else, as though you were one organism. The group is deeply present and open, no thinking going on, completely in flow and surrender to what comes through.

In the silences, an expectant waiting.

And it is in this space that universal cosmic intelligence, the creative impulse of the universe can come through us.

Our individual experience of this is awe-inspiring – imagine then what could come through when we have not one individual, but a whole group as a container for that energy.

“I am not what is happening. I am the space in which things happen” – Eckhart Tolle

And this is where the future comes from. The creative impulse that drives evolution needs to flow through us. We have many examples of ‘geniuses’; individuals who have managed to open fully to that creative impulse and who say that their work does not come from them but through them.

That’s what this is.

And we’ve come to a point where not only do we have the capacity (and cultural permission) for each of us to seek our own connection to that source, but where the drive to gather collectively (and the understanding that we must if we want to survive as a species), is growing and pushing us to figure out how to create fields in which this can happen.

What Next?

Where does it go from here?

The most powerful urgency was triggered in me during that weekend; a feeling of “We don’t have time to dick around with this; we need to figure this out, fast.” As a species we’ve lost our (natural) ability to synchronise and evolve as a collective, and if we don’t re-acquire this capacity soon we will not survive.

What it means for me is: I have to do more.

I need to be moving in this experimental field, exploring and inquiring, sharing and experiencing.

I see us as context-holders, facilitators of sacred space

I want us to invite in the sacred with every word we utter.

I want to invoke that primary creative energy, and let it come through us.

I want God to flow into the group field, and take us into the divine unknown.

I want illusion-shattering collective presence.

And then I want us to figure out how to bring it into the world on a larger scale.



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