The Passion

There is a passion in me,

That is burning,


She comes in waves, rising up in me,

Washing over me

And I am left open-mouthed,


She feels powerful –

So powerful that I don’t know

If this one fragile human body

Can hold all that she is.

She commands devotion, complete surrender,

And I, in my innocence, ask myself

How much I can let her out?

Where are the boundaries

Of where I let her wander?

But the passion knows no boundaries.

She wants me to open,

To open and burn.

Burn, burn into nothing

Until I am one with God,

Formless and universal

United with the Mystery.

To open and burn in her will,

Her raging, terrible, bewitching desire

That no one can stand against.

She is all I love, and all I fear within me.

I hear her commanding me, louder each day;

Open and burn, Open and burn,

And I, entranced, bewitched by her power

Nod, mesmerized, –

Yes, Open and burn, Open and burn.

But there is terror behind my starry gaze,

Knowing as I know, her wild ways,

Unspeakable, uncompromising, unrestrained.

Mighty in their mystery,

Ferocious and unpitying,

Demanding me to Open, Open

Into the dark, the ugly, the vile.

Secrets left buried, beneath the stories I have grown

To build myself a pretty home

To be called ‘normal’, ‘good’, and ‘pretty’,

When I am wild, and raw, and gritty.

But the passion knows no fear,

And in the center of my being

She storms and howls

For me to Open and burn,

Open and burn.


5 thoughts on “The Passion

  1. Dear Stephanie, Your posts are pure enchantment and inspiration! Thank you so much for your generosity of opening your heart wide and welcoming me/your readers in. I do feel welcome and it does open my heart too. Merry Christmas and looking very much forward to joining the tribe next year. Annette

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