An ode to my body

I want to cherish myself.

To love each inch of this precious pulsing body.

To feel the blood running rich and ripe through me like tiny rivers of magic.

To revel in each movement it can make,

To feel the delight of my limbs

As they reach and stretch and jump.


I want to be the dance in my hair

When the wind lifts it,

I want to kiss the earth, the grass, the sand

When my feet meet the ground

I want to make love to the air

As it caresses my skin.


I want to let it be heavy and soft in sleep,

And wild and fiery in love

I want to let it skip and jump and run and play

And laugh and cry and kiss and sing

I want to feel it open and vulnerable,

And strong and sure and bold.


I want to listen to each secret that it whispers

To be present for each pleasure and each pain

To conspire in the ever increasing awareness

Of the sensual, the soft, the subtle

Hazy line where I encounter the outside

Where I end and the rest begins.


I want space within

To be in every moment while it lasts

Breathing its beauty, touching it lightly

Then letting go.

It’s all for me, this sensing, feeling, breathing delight,

This body.


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