My eyes weigh heavy

How can it be, this crazy duality

Of life?

In one instant, pure joy

Flooding my veins –

In the next, the piercing arrow

Of grief, of despair.

I touch my face;

My skin soft and smooth, delicate

as a flowers’ first blossom

My lips parted in innocence –

Open still to life

Despite all.

A cruel joke, God,

To pull us into being, then

In full flow,

Cut us down, unmercifully.

And yet there is still mercy

Even in the bleakest hours –

A kind word, a sunbeam

And once again, my heart opens

As the daisy welcomes the morning light.

It seems this path,

The breaking, the cracking open,

The courage to continue

Is all we do here.

And sometimes I am so weary of this growth –

So radical it seems to me,

So extremely hard.

Is there not a path that is gentler

Whose trail leads a winding way

And is not all cliffs, and jagged rocks

And brittle bones

At the bottom of the crevice?

For mine have broke, and set, and broke again

And though I bear my scars proudly,

My eyes weigh heavy with the wisdom gleaned.

It’s only this instant –


Here still, after all;

Soft and yielding, for

What choice have we?

And if it’s true

That I chose this ride

If it’s within me the responsibility lies

Then I’ll lift my chin, again

And again

And continue on, and on

And on.

For in those small moments of reprieve

When It’s just you and me and the trees

I see the whole, I see my role

And in it is beauty, and awe



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