I want God to dance in my veins

I want God to dance in my veins,

To pulse through me into the world –

To pour from every cell like a roaring flood,

And leave a ringing, long after I am heard.

I want to know God so intimately

That there is no separation between Him and I –

That we merge and condense, formless taking form,

Like the endless dance of the clouds and the sky.

I want to live a surrender so deep,

To live as a lover with His will –

To express all He gives me, completely,

And then be still.




*I use the word God. I could also use Spirit, the Divine, the creative intelligence of the universe…but God is short, universal, and since adopting it I’ve grown to enjoy the way it feels in my mouth as I speak it. Obviously (I hope) I don’t desire to offend or upset anyone with my use of it.


One thought on “I want God to dance in my veins

  1. We shared comments when my username was “Reclusive Rachel” and I loved reading your posts. I just saw your post from my Facebook feed and was so moved, again. You write what I also feel in such a beautiful way! Looking forward to seeing more.

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