Space is where the magic happens; coming home to ourselves

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”

{ Chinese Proverb }

Inner space is probably the most coveted state in Western society – we’re either running around like headless chickens, barely stopping to eat, or we’re worrying ourselves into premature grayness because we feel like we’re not doing enough. In both states we’re completely in our minds, out of our bodies, and have close to zero awareness of the present moment.

But we remember.

We remember, viscerally, in our bodies, what it feels like to start a fresh day and have it spread expansively before us, an ocean of possibility. As adults we’re so rarely present that on the occasions where we do check in we feel shocked at how fast time is passing.

But time is a relative phenomenon.

In those moments of presence, it feels like time stops. We can feel our heart beating. The air as it caresses our skin. We notice sounds, the shades of light around us. There’s a depth to the moment, a density in the space around us – a slowing down, as though moving through water.

And we sense that THIS is true. That this is real. This is life.

This exquisite beingness, alive with sensation and humming with a current of vibrant energy like a radio station we haven’t tuned into for a long time.

It’s here, now. Can you feel it?

Let your shoulders drop, breathe slow, close your eyes and listen inside – inside this amazing body that’s walking you through life; cells working like bees in a hive, each one doing its part; heart beating like a faithful drummer keeping time to your unfolding story; organs processing, cleaning; systems communicating with each other; neural pathways firing, alert, recording, planning, always ready to be of service…

Your home.

Your refuge. Your inner sanctuary.
And this presence, your natural state. Peaceful. Calm. Knowing.

We are wired for innate wellbeing – our whole system is programmed for homeostasis, and will adjust and mend in order to maintain that state of balance. Likewise, our minds are also wired for stillness – unless a bear is chasing us. Unfortunately, in contemporary Western culture (and increasingly all over the world) we’re living as though we were constantly being chased by a bear.

The bear of money, success, time, achievement, meaning, purpose, God – anything can become a bear to us if we decide to embrace the story that that thing has power over our happiness.

But when we drop into presence, all of that falls away and we see it for the illusion it is.

In that space, we’re connected to our truth and connected to the bigger truth – life, nature, Spirit, God (insert whatever word makes sense to you here) – and from this place we do, act, create, relate in alignment with who we really are.

And bonus: it feels absolutely amazing.

Easeful. Effortless. Flowing. And inversely, feeling good is a shortcut to being present. And presence creates space.

And space is where the magic happens.

How much of the time do you feel connected with this well of stillness within you?

What gets in the way of you spending more time connected to it?

How can you create more connection to stillness in your everyday life?

The first step in creating a purposeful life is becoming aware of the deepest part of ourselves, and connecting to the creative impulses that arise from that state of being.

And more importantly, living from that space brings with it an abundance of joy that will bring you to your knees with gratitude every day.


{ Third in a series of 4 excerpts from the upcoming Wild&Free Workbook }