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Hey beautiful soul,

I’m Steph, a Coach, Writer and Facilitator.

Reach me at stephanie.lisa.kelly@gmail.com

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Stephanie Lisa Kelly is a Coach, Writer and Facilitator who helps women live more embodied, empowered and delicious lives. She’s also a restless creative, (r)evolutionary, bold adventurer, wildhearted dreamer, free spirit and international vagabond. She hosts workshops and retreats and facilitates transformational containers at meetings, conferences and other events.

She believes the world will be saved by women who dare to become powerful agents of change, that surrender leads to magic, that goofiness is medicine and that campfires and mountain tops are sacred.

She’s the creator of the WILD&FREE retreat and the Into The Wild adventure, has written several ebooks (including one collection of poems), co-hosted the 2015 Lifestyle Design Convention (now the Inside Out Movement) and facilitated at the 2015 Leaders Connect Congress.

She has a BSc. in Psychology, is a Certified Coach, Facilitator and Way of Council Practitioner as well as a Flower Essence Therapist.