The Quiet Revolution

“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

– Victor Hugo

We abide, many of us unsuspecting, on the cusp of radical change. The most recent epoch in human history, the military-industrial era, is dying. And its death-throes are wreaking unimaginable havoc on our individual, collective, and planetary health.

Nonetheless, the system is dying.

And a new world is being born. A world shaped by very different values from those that have led and thrived in modern history.

Values such as responsibility for the natural world. Openness. Authenticity. Transparency. Wholeness.

It’s a grassroots revolution, but one which is not to be underestimated. Increasingly, people sense that the culture created and predicated by the West is terrifyingly out of balance. That the power structures that exist are for the most part, horribly corrupted.

That we are living in a culture that has lost touch with its context, been robbed of its traditions and rituals that held it in healthy balance, and perpetuates a way of living that has little meaning or purpose.

This is an organic revolution; one that is arising and emerging from individual impulses to do things differently, to find different ways of being in and with the world.

It’s one which is inclusive, respectful, diverse, sustainable, holistic.

It is an integral revolution.

And this is crucial, because it’s completely new. We’ve arrived at a point in our evolution where we have the possibility to integrate all perspectives, all possibilities, all differences.

A new culture is arising, one in which we honour what it truly means to be human. A culture where we honour our connection to ourselves, to each other, to the earth, and to the divine.

And it starts with you.


Behind the roles we play, beneath the clothes we wear, beyond the choices we make, we are naked. And in our nakedness we are all the same.

Humble. Vulnerable. Open.

A Quiet Revolution is happening in the hearts and minds of people across the world. It’s happening through opening. To ourselves, and to each other. And in this opening there is no room for hatred, for fear, for deceit.

When we open our hearts we see clearly – we see ourselves, each other and the world as they really are – complex systems of creative intelligence.

What would the world look like if we all lived from that open, vulnerable, naked place, deep within our hearts?

If we paused long enough to listen, and really hear one another?

If we acted, and made choices from that well of love within us? If we surrendered to our terrifying vulnerability and interconnectedness?

The Quiet Revolution is a movement that begins in each of our hearts, and spreads through us into the world.

It’s about connection, and to live our connection we need to open, expand, live nakedly from that space of realness, of truth, the truth with us.

Join the revolution.

Get naked.