Applied Spirituality

An Evening of Applied Spirituality

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What kind of culture is created when we engage with presence, authenticity, compassion and transparency?

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In the midst of all the current global turmoil, we are questioning more than ever what it means to be human, how we are connected to each other, and what our connection is to the divine. For many among us, the old answers and structures don’t seem to fit anymore, and yet these core existential questions remain, insist on themselves; demand to be explored.

A new spirituality is emerging now, one which is grounded in our embodiment, in our social nature, and in our own intuitive wisdom. An exploration of ourselves, of each other, and of the divine which is personal, experienced within and shared with those with whom we come into contact.

During this evening together we will create a space for exploration of ourselves and each other through contact, intuition and conscious communication, and practice core spiritual principles to share, connect, open and explore…

The 4 Core Principles

1. Presence

When we speak from the moment rather than speaking about something it feels ON. Being present allows us to be fully authentic; to speak our truth as it is in this moment, as it arises. This means when we are communicating with someone, we are really doing so in real-time, rather than repeating patterns or standard responses. Deep presence is incredibly transformative and teaches us that profound connection and even healing is possible without words.

2. Authenticity

To be authentic is to bring your personal truth to everything you say and do. It is to speak from your beliefs, to hold true to your values, to honour the deepest part of yourself. To be authentic is to give of yourself, and in doing so, give permission for those you come into contact with to do the same. Authenticity comes from our deepest core, and requires us to be centered and grounded.

3. Compassion

So much of what is in us just wants to be seen, and when it comes into contact with and is ‘met’ by another it can be let go of. We all have the power to heal each other, and to use the mirrors that others hold up for us to heal ourselves. Compassion asks us to relent our judgement, to accept, to open our hearts, to be humble. In doing so we become more compassionate towards ourselves, and in this deepening peace, find it easier to be compassionate towards others.

4. Transparency

Transparency means to go into contact with an open heart. It means being vulnerable – showing who you really are. It also means to see with your heart, to hear with your heart. Transparency removes boundaries and illusions of separateness and allows us to encounter each other as we truly are, in each moment as it arises.


A little note on…

Intention – When we go into contact with an intention to give the best of ourselves, or our highest potential, and to seek the highest potential of the other, we create valuable connection. Our intention in communication should always be for the highest outcome of the exchange for all parties.

Worldview – Awareness that everyone has a unique inner landscape and worldview, and that people are not static objects but constantly evolving processes is essential in order to maintain a posture of deep respect.

Dual Perception – Practice being the umpire as well as the player; when you speak, watch to see how it arrives. How is it received, how is it met, does it produce resonance? This is the dance of communication.

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Practical Points

  • June 24th at 19:30 – 21:30 at Espace Bamboo (rue Hotel des Monnaies 79, 1060 Brussels)
  • We will begin at 19:30 sharp; please try to be there at 19:25 at the latest
  • A contribution of 5€ will be requested for the rental of the location
  • If you have trouble finding us, give me a call (+32 477 07 69 38)

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