What People Are Saying

If you’re living in or near Brussels then you HAVE to check out Steph‘s workshop on the 24th of June about living together in a new form of ‘WE’ and creating deeper, transparent connections with the people around us. She is GOLD DUST!

– Jana, Life Coach at Love Work Now

It was a terrific event and I would encourage everyone to try a workshop with Steph one day! She is a welcoming and inspiring moderator whose insights and kindness can help all of us find a greater balance and peace in our relationships.

– Janaina, Media Officer

What a great evening! Steph invites us to take time to bond with really cool people ready to share and do simple exercises that blow our minds! I hope there will be other events like this; I’ll be there!

– Zoe, Photographer at Zoe Nameche

Thanks so much for having organised such an interesting evening!!!
 I went to bed with a smile on my face, which didn’t happen in a long time. It was so good to have honest conversations and connections, it truly touched me! Hope there will be another one soon :)

– Frankie, Photographer/Web Designer