Mallorca Retreat


When we walk with the wind, listen to the songs of the mountain,

feel the rhythm of the earth pulsing beneath our feet, we remember. Suddenly we shift into an experience of pure simplicity – all illusions fall away, and we are cleansed of our worries and concerns.

We come home to ourselves.

This is the power and the majesty of the mountains. The possibility that opens when we heed the call to adventure – the stirring in our gut that whispers,

“There is something waiting for you out there amongst the rocks and the ridges, the firs and the sky. Go to it.”

The Journey

➳ Into The Wild is an adventure for women – 8 extraordinary women will set out for 5 days of hiking through the rugged beauty of the Serra de Tramuntana on the GR 221 (a UNESCO World Heritage site), followed by two days of relaxation by the sea
➳ Each woman will bring her own story to walk with; some will walk to release old burdens, some to transition to a new phase of life, some to transcend limiting beliefs or self-concepts – and some may come with no idea why they felt they must join the adventure; the answer will lie on the trail
➳ We’ll be covering about 15-20km each day and staying in mountain refuges. The highest peak of the range is 1,455m with many peaks over 1000m
➳ Our intention for this hike is to challenge our own boundaries – physical and non-physical, and to explore what remains when we overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles. This is a quest about Self and Meaning, about womanhood and sisterhood, and the vast possibility of our lives.
➳ At the end of the trail we’ll relax, celebrate and integrate in a gorgeous villa close to the lovely town of Deià – we’ll be a 25 minute walk from the sea so some serious down time, fun and space to sit with what the adventure brought to us


For further details and to get a feel for the vibe, check out the site

or grab the Pdf with all the details!