Tuscany Retreat


The Wild Radiance Retreat is a deep dive into bold self-expression,

sensuality and freedom

for women who want to live deliciously turned on,

radically free, wildly beautiful lives,

and bring the full power of their unique brilliance into the world

The Journey

We’ll be doing various forms of yoga (vinyasa, restorative, chakra) and dance practices (ecstatic & sensual) to deepen our connection with our bodies (as well as exploring the gorgeous Tuscan countryside and swimming in our private pool!)
We’ll use guided & walking meditations to sink into connection with our deepest Self, as well as creating sacred and grounding rituals
Our senses are going to be teased into heightened awareness through exploration on all fronts (food, massage, music, essential oils, elements), helping us to melt into greater appreciation of all things sensory (and sensual!)
We’ll be sitting in council (around the fire) to share our stories, we’ll unpack limiting beliefs, shame and conditioning around our bodies and pleasure, and opening spaces for playfully exploring our sensuality and our desires
We’ll be exploring self-expression in a variety of ways, including creative activities & a personal challenge we’ll be asking you to bring!
Connecting with other women and sharing ourselves has its own deeply nourishing effect. Together we’ll create an intimate sisterhood; there’ll be plenty of time for deep talks, walks, reflection, play and laughter
All this will be within an incredibly safe container where you’ll be encouraged to deeply honour your own needs and desires, to show up as authentically as you can, to dare to express and share parts of yourself that you usually keep hidden, and to give yourself permission to live as a deeply embodied, sensual woman who values her own pleasure and expression


For further details and to get a feel for the vibe, check out the site,

or grab the Pdf with all the details!