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WILD&FREE is a deep dive for wildhearted women

who want to become radically free.

For women who are yearning to live unleashed, unashamed, uncensored, who want to live all that they are and step into their feminine divinity and power.

Who are ready to set themselves on fire.

Who long to surrender to their essence.

Who know they have more to give and are ready to do what it takes to burn, burn, burn all that is in them.

It’s for women who want to do life 100%.

Dark and messy and raw bits included.

With wildness and depth and joy and abandon.

And a sisterhood of women who are ready to step up and do the same. To hold the vision for each other as we stretch and grow. To listen and hold and pray together.

To laugh and cry and rise together.

To say YES YES YES to life together.

≜ ≜ ≜

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