The Most Important One Ever

Today it really sank in; after all those long years of searching, of feeling so isolated inside, so alone, I have finally found my tribe.

It feels like a miracle.

With them I don’t need words – not to explain, not to be seen, not to show that I see. I can just be. Me. Accepted, heard, understood, and whole, perfect just as I am. Often they see deeper inside me than I do, and they hold pieces of me out, offering them to me with unconditional love. It is impossible to reject anything which is offered in this way, and so I grow, gently, under their compassionate gaze.

And I too, see them, and marvel at their courage, their insight, their depth, their complexity, the strength of their vulnerability and am so deeply grateful for their existence.

* * * * *

All those years I was searching I didn’t really know what I was searching for. I knew it when I stumbled across it, but found it impossible to pinpoint what ‘it’ was – what did those few extraordinary people have in common? ‘Spiritual’ didn’t cover it, and in fact many people considering themselves spiritual I couldn’t connect to at all; ‘environmentalist’ didn’t seem to be it either, psychologists and philosophers didn’t necessarily capture what I sought either…

Today I realised what that thing is: the understanding that we are all one being, all of life, and the desperate urge to move collective evolution forwards towards a sustainable, compassionate, conscious culture.

It’s this big-picture, future-oriented consciousness, this striving towards awakening not as a selfish goal but in order to play a part in the effort to move humanity towards an awakened, conscious, balanced existence, and into our full potential as a species.

And in finally being able to describe my tribe, I sink deeper into my understanding of myself; my priorities, my role, my reason for being.

It feels like grace

Those of you who resonate with these words, come find me. I’m waiting for you.