You The Wildhearted

There’s a tribe of people, who I refer to as ‘my tribe’ even though many of them are people I don’t know. I know it instinctively when I meet them, or sometimes even just through encountering them online – it’s something I sense in their way of being.

For years now I’ve been trying to figure out what the name of this tribe is, what their shared characteristics are, and why I automatically love them and feel kinship with them, sometimes without even having met them in person.

I tried putting them into pre-existing boxes (sorry guys), like integral or systems thinkers, or lifestyle designers, or authentic relating junkies, but none of them fit for everyone and other people were invariably in those boxes who don’t belong in this tribe.

And then a few days ago, the seedling of a new, terrifying and wildly exciting project entered my head. This idea involves connecting with people whom I’ve wanted to connect with for a while – the ones where I get that little kid feeling of “I really want to be his/her friend!”

So just for fun, I started to write down names.

And just like that I had 15 people off the top of my head that I really want to connect with. I stared at the list and asked myself what the common denominator was.

And there was the answer to the question of the tribe, staring me in the face.

The Wildhearted

Wildly open hearts.

All of them are Wholehearted, Openhearted, Wildhearted.

Their highest values are unconditional love (of life, humans, non-humans, nature, spirit), soul-centered authenticity, personal and collective freedom, radical (self+social)responsibility. They are highly self-aware and committed to living in the present moment and embracing whatever that brings.

These are people who are not afraid of the dark (within) and because of this, they are radiant. They understand the transience of emotion and its gifts, and allow it to flow through them.

They all embody spiritual values, without that being an overt part of their identity or what they do.

I think this is a major characteristic of this tribe; that these values (love, compassion, gratitude, presence, etc.) are an inherent aspect of how they live, of their way of being, of what they bring into the world.

And all of these people are doing their heartwork. Each of them is bringing their unique spirit into what they are offering the world, and perhaps unsurprisingly, their offerings have a common thread.

That common thread is C O N N E C T I O N.

All of them are connecting people to each other, to the opposite sex, to nature, to their sexuality, to their personal power, to society, to Spirit, to their bodies…

But what makes their work different to others doing similar work, what gives it that special quality, that flavour that makes my heart squeeze in excitement and recognition, is the essence they carry in them, that infuses everything they do.

That humble honouring of life, the commitment to living each second of it intentionally, and the surrender to that mysterious force which flows through us, and which renders all we do meaningful in a way we cannot even begin to fathom.

This is my tribe. These are my people.

And – is this a little weird? – I have this burning desire to collect the tribe together. I don’t know how yet, but I’ll figure it out.

Because this is not just a tribe – it’s a movement, a new way of being.

And it’s one I’d like to see spread.


Ps, If this resonates, please GET IN TOUCH – I’d love to hear from you! (the more random and awkward the better – don’t hold back ;))


The New “WE”

The New %22WE%22

The day has finally arrived – I am superduperexcited to present to you the first edition of “The New WE”, a workshop offering the chance to practice and experience a new form of spirituality together.

I’ve called it ‘An Evening of Applied Spirituality’ – for me this means living spiritual principles through the way in which we engage with other people. In this space we can be all of who we are, accepted with all our corners and rough edges, and learn to move deeper into our core and deeper into relation with others, whilst practicing core spiritual principles.

To me this aspect of ‘connectedness’ is crucial to living in joy; it is the essential component in transcendent experiences, and the lack of it leads invariably to mental illness. I believe it is something as necessary to humans as food and water, and yet we are only just beginning to develop higher competency in it.

We can feel connected on different levels; on an intrapersonal level with our own lives, on an interpersonal level with the people in our lives, on a collective level with all of humanity, and on a spiritual level with God/Gaia/the Universe. I believe that we need connectedness on each of these levels to be able to live truly joyful and self-actualised lives, and that working on one level leads to shifts in the other levels.

By deepening our understanding of and compassion towards ourselves, we open our hearts more to other people, and to the mystery of life. Our existential questions can be gently explored, rather than leading to stress and the feeling that something is missing…

…We become lighter  
…We gain clarity
…We begin to live in a space of gratitude

And we move into flow..and magic happens. Connection happens. And as we bear witness, a state of deep joy permeates our entire existence.

We are here to learn – about ourselves, about the nature of humanity, about our role in the bigger picture.

And we learn so much faster when we join forces and explore together.

*     *     *     *     *

The Real Reason I’m so excited about this

The Real Reason is that the people who are motivated to do this work are members of my tribe; the tribe I searched for for so long. You might not know it yet, but if you are called to explore this way of being together you are one of my tribe.

And I say, the more the merrier.

If it speaks to you, come and join us…we’d love to have you

(More info on the events page The New WE)

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The Most Important One Ever

Today it really sank in; after all those long years of searching, of feeling so isolated inside, so alone, I have finally found my tribe.

It feels like a miracle.

With them I don’t need words – not to explain, not to be seen, not to show that I see. I can just be. Me. Accepted, heard, understood, and whole, perfect just as I am. Often they see deeper inside me than I do, and they hold pieces of me out, offering them to me with unconditional love. It is impossible to reject anything which is offered in this way, and so I grow, gently, under their compassionate gaze.

And I too, see them, and marvel at their courage, their insight, their depth, their complexity, the strength of their vulnerability and am so deeply grateful for their existence.

* * * * *

All those years I was searching I didn’t really know what I was searching for. I knew it when I stumbled across it, but found it impossible to pinpoint what ‘it’ was – what did those few extraordinary people have in common? ‘Spiritual’ didn’t cover it, and in fact many people considering themselves spiritual I couldn’t connect to at all; ‘environmentalist’ didn’t seem to be it either, psychologists and philosophers didn’t necessarily capture what I sought either…

Today I realised what that thing is: the understanding that we are all one being, all of life, and the desperate urge to move collective evolution forwards towards a sustainable, compassionate, conscious culture.

It’s this big-picture, future-oriented consciousness, this striving towards awakening not as a selfish goal but in order to play a part in the effort to move humanity towards an awakened, conscious, balanced existence, and into our full potential as a species.

And in finally being able to describe my tribe, I sink deeper into my understanding of myself; my priorities, my role, my reason for being.

It feels like grace

Those of you who resonate with these words, come find me. I’m waiting for you.