Thailand Retreat


The Chrysalis Retreat came to be when 4 women were inspired to innovate a new kind of yoga retreat – with an integrative, holistic approach where people can work on all aspects of themselves.

We imagined an ideal way to support the transition into a New Year – in a beautiful natural environment, deeply connecting to ourselves through yoga and group workshops, and purifying our systems in preparation for what is to come – supported by a personal process of reflection and inspiration through group learning.

The New Year’s retreat is an integral approach to creating a conscious transition into 2017. The retreat activities are based on a foundation of yoga practices and a variety of other modalities to enhance and amplify your vitality.

Through workshops, coaching sessions, movement and meditation, and connection with an inspiring group, you’ll experience a profound container in which to release the old, gain clarity, and make empowered choices as we move into the new year.

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