Work With Me

We can do better. Individually and collectively. I envision a world where every person is empowered, free, and connected to themselves and to the greater whole.And it would look (and feel) a fuckload better than it currently does.

I work with people who want to do better, bigger, more powerful things. Live more meaningful lives. Lives filled with purpose. People who want to expand their own potential and astonish themselves (and the world).

I hold the highest vision for each person I encounter, and for what we can create when we light ourselves on fire and surrender to what wants to emerge.

If you want to play the sacred game you came here to play, I invite you to join me for the ride.

⋘ ⋙

Here’s what I offer:


    ➳ Circling

    Mindfulness Facilitation

    Flower Essence Therapy



    ➳ Event Facilitation & Hosting*

Have a look at the related page for more information.

Questions or inquiries? Reach me here:


*In January 2016 I co-hosted the Lifestyle Design Convention in Zurich, Switzerland. It was awesome :D