Flower Essence Therapy

What are flower essences?

Bach Flower Essences are a system of energetic medicine consisting of essences derived from the distillation of certain flowers, each of which has a distinct vibrational frequency. The essences are taken orally in drop form, do not interact with prescription medications or herbal supplements, and are safe to use with children, during pregnancy and with animals. The vibrational frequencies of the essences match energetic frequencies in us. When these are unbalanced we experience ‘negative’ emotions or dissonant mental states, which the flower essence frequencies can re-balance.

The system originated in the 1920s when British physician and bacteriologist, Dr. Edward Bach (1886–1936), noticed that patients with physical complaints often seemed to be suffering from anxiety or some kind of negative emotion. He concluded that assessing a patient’s emotional disposition and prescribing an appropriate remedy could treat the physical illness. His knowledge of homeopathy led him to discover the healing potential of the flower essences which, similar to homeopathic remedies, are highly diluted (although not to the same extent). Dr.Bach identified 38 negative emotional states and developed 38 corresponding remedies, as well as the well-known “Rescue Remedy”, which is used to treat shock and extreme anxiety.

The aim of treatment with the Bach flowers is to achieve an immediate improvement in the state of the client. In situation-induced or acute cases, a one-off treatment may suffice. In cases in which more profound or deeply entrenched issues are being confronted, further consultations are advisable as the state will evolve during the course of treatment. It should however be noted that in the case of strong psychological disturbance further support should be sought through psychotherapy. The Bach flowers usually exert a relatively gentle influence, however in highly sensitive people it is possible that a more intense reaction may result and manifest in the form of strong but transformative emotions; in this instance it is recommended to reduce the dosage.

Practical Details

Bach Essence consultation usually takes approximately 30 minutes, during which I ask you to explain your present mental and emotional state. I send the prescription via email following the consultation, and most pharmacies in Europe are able to prepare the remedy for you within a few minutes.

Bookings and inquiries at stephanie.lisa.kelly@gmail.com

Relevant Training

:: Certified Bach Flower Therapist (Terrafloris, CH, 2010)

*I adhere to the ethical guidelines outlined by the ICF (found here