“Steph’s belief in my greatness has quickly become my belief in my greatness. We worked together to determine where I was out of alignment with myself, and we mapped out the way home. If you gift yourself a bundle of sessions with Steph, she will guide you in reconnecting with your truest self. She will beckon to you from your depths, where she will have already set up camp, and she will call up, “Get down here! It’s beautiful!” And you will climb down, because you will believe her and because she is right.” – Helen McLaughlin

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Who are you?

I work with women are ready to stop hiding.

Who are ready to finally embrace themselves fully and step into their full creative potential. Who demand to live a meaningful, passion-filled life.

Women who know they want more from themselves, from their work, from their relationships and who want every day to feel delicious, aligned with their values and alive with possibility.

Women who are hearing the call to live bold, courageous lives; to use their voices, to change the things that need changing in their lives and in the world. To live all the bold, raw, fiery  wildness that lies inside.

To stop waiting.

To step into their most authentic selves and share their gifts with the world. Who are ready to commit to honouring the highest version of themselves.

Is it time?

What is coaching?

Many people have no idea what coaching is.

And that’s a shame because coaching is the fastest way to get to where you want – or rather, to become who you want to BE, feel the way you want to FEEL, and have the IMPACT you’re longing to contribute to the world.

Coaching gets you laser-sharp clarity on where you want to be, deals with the issues holding you back and invites you to make shifts right NOW.

But most of all a coach will help you see the possibility for yourself that you don’t even dare to imagine. A coach will challenge you to step into the biggest, most empowered version of yourself, and accompany you along the path as you learn to move through the world in this new state.

Because when you do that, you win, I win; the whole world wins.

My coaching

One thing you should know….I’m not a regular coach. I don’t play by the traditional coaching “rules” and I’m not enslaved to asking powerful questions and holding space.

My flavour is more Motivational Mentor meets Soul-Whisperer meets Ninja Strategist.

We’ll dive deep into your core, listen to the desire in your gut, tease out the long-forgotten dreams, honour the shame, the pain and the unseen parts. We’ll integrate what’s been repressed, forgotten and neglected, and we’ll develop the mindset and strategies that will create the container for the transformation of your whole world.

I’m your cheerleader, asskicker, and when needed, hand-holder.

Our time together will be like a play session infused with razor sharp clarity. Like a date with your bestie but instead of shots of tequila we’re doing shots of awe. One. After. The other.

Do you believe in miracles?

I do.

And I’ll believe it long enough and hard enough until you open up and let the magic happen for you too.

△ △ △

I offer single sessions as well as 3 and 6 month packages that range from €800 – €3000, according to your needs. If your heart says YES, contact me and we’ll set up a free 60 minute call to see if we can make magic together.

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Some of the things my clients have gone on to do as a result of our work includes creating large-scale events, getting their first speaking engagements, starting their businesses, creating growth-accelerating intimate relationships, changing career paths, transforming their family dynamic from destructive to nourishing, and running their first retreats.

△ △ △

“Six months ago I embarked on a journey. I felt the time was ripe, I was clear on the dream: I wanted to become on the outside the person I felt on the inside. I wanted to unleash my power, to let go of small, fearful, caged, diluted Maria, and step into the fiery, fearless, expansive, concentrated Maria. I needed an accelerator, a guide, a person that was going to call bullshit whenever I made excuses, a person I could trust both professionally and personally. 

These six months with Steph have been a growing, learning, unleashing power, confidence, strength curve. She’s given me the tools to keep on going, to not listen to fear and other dragons, to discover some big ass darknesses in me that I still have to work on, to love myself fiercely, to express boldly and fearlessly from a place of love and to distinguish when it is not coming from there, to breathe! I was looking for some guidance and an accelerator. What she offered was so much more. I am a new version of myself; one that is so much closer to who I feel inside.” – Maria Ortega Garcia

Relevant training

:: Certified Life Coach (CCTP Cert., USA Oct. 2015)
:: Five day Training in Psychosynthesis (AEON Cert., CH, 2007)
:: Introductory Training in Biosynthesis (IIBS Cert., CH, 2006)
:: BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology (Univ. of Cardiff + Albert-Ludwig Univ. of Freiburg, 2001–2005)

*I adhere to the ethical guidelines outlined by the ICF (found here