Mindfulness Facilitation

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of presence; being consciously aware in every moment.

When we are fully present, fully conscious, fully aware, we are able to really BE there for every minute of our lives. We are aware of our (inner)selves, of how we engage with our environment, of how we engage with other people.

Essentially, it is the ability to hold multiple perspectives at once; we simultaneously hold our inner perspective (how we feel, what we’re thinking, our needs and desires, etc.), as well as our outer perspective (what occurs in the space between ourselves and our environment; where we meet the external world), whilst also being able to tune into another person’s perspective.

Mindfulness has been shown to have a positive effect on depression, anxiety, stress, concentration, as well as on physical illness.

It’s a natural extension of my practice to share it with others, which I do in the following ways:

1:1 Mindfulness Facilitation

This is for you if:

  • You’re feeling stressed out
  • You’re anxious
  • You feel like you never have enough time
  • You’re having trouble finding meaning
  • You have negative thought patterns
  • You feel like you don’t have time to enjoy life

In 60 min. long 1:1 sessions, we’ll explore your current state of mind, what’s stopping you from being present, and how to adopt a mindful mindset.

You’ll learn:

  • What thoughts/behaviours are causing you suffering
  • How to become more aware of unhelpful patterns
  • Tools to bring mindfulness into your everyday life
  • How to cope with challenges with more ease
  • How to rest in a space of peaceful acceptance
  • Increased emotional resilience

Sessions can be held in person or via Skype.

Bookings and inquiries at stephanie.lisa.kelly@gmail.com


Group Mindfulness Facilitation

Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT)

The way we’re working isn’t working; there is an epidemic of stress in the workplace that is negatively impacting productivity and innovation.

In a fast-paced world, increasing numbers of people are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and disengaged. In response to this, TIME magazine’s front cover recently declared that there is a ‘Mindful Revolution’ underway.

Companies such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Nike are now embracing ‘Mindful Leadership’ as the most powerful approach to unleashing productivity, performance and innovation, and  high profile CEOs such as Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn), Bill Ford (Ford) and Michael Rennie (McKinsey) have been very vocal about the power of mindfulness for success.

Even the World Economic Forum recently held over 25 sold-out sessions on the power of mindfulness. Publications such as the New York Times and the Financial Times have also done cover stories on the power of mindfulness to improve productivity and performance.

This is for you if:

  • You have individuals or teams with symptoms of burnout
  • Your workplace environment feels high-strung and highly pressurized
  • Productivity is low
  • Motivation is flagging
  • Interpersonal conflicts are common

Classes can range from 30 – 90 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • What thoughts/behaviours are creating stress
  • How to become more aware of unhelpful patterns
  • How to have greater flexibility and tolerance towards different perspectives and approaches
  • Tools to bring mindfulness into your everyday life
  • How to expand your capability to meet the requirements of your profession

Bookings and inquiries at stephanie.lisa.kelly@gmail.com

Relevant Training and Experience

:: 10+ years personal practice (including several Vipassana retreats in Belgium and Nepal)
:: Certified Group Work Facilitator (Academy of Inner Science, D, 2013)
:: Weekly meditation classes at Siemens (SISW n.v., Belgium)

*I adhere to the ethical guidelines outlined by the ICF (found here